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Signature Bars 

Our signature bars are the first to hit the shelves at Woodberry Chocolate Company.  We use our house chocolate made with our Ecuadorian Beans from Camino Verde Fermintary.  The cocoa beans are of the Neo Nacional variety, and have fudgy, floral, and almond tasting notes.

Specialty Bars

Our specialty bars are also made from our Eucdorian Neo Nacional beans from Camino Verde Fermintary.  What makes these special?  Well, we soak the cocoa nibs in Woodford Reserve or Mother Earth Whiskey for several weeks so the cocoa absorbs the whiskey flavors.  If you like whiskey, you are sure to like either of these specialty bars.

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Origin Bars

These bars reflect the region the cocoa beans were sourced.  Chocolate, has a story.  Where it is grown, how it is fermented, and many other factors impact the flavor of the chocolate.  Taste the differences and learn more about the chocolate you consume.

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