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We are a small, family-operated company with a love and curiosity for chocolate.  We make chocolate with cocoa beans from around the world.  We then turn that chocolate into handcrafted bars and beautifully, delicious bonbons.


As chocolate makers (and humans), it is ALWAYS important that our beans are ethically sourced.  Did you know chocolate IS an agricultural product?  That’s right, cocoa beans are essentially the seeds of a fruit grown on a tree. Farmers in the industry are not always fairly compensated for their time cultivating our beloved source of chocolate. And it is unfortunate that there is child labor in this industry.  That’s why it’s crucial where and how we source our beans.  To learn more about the injustices within the chocolate industry, please watch The Dark Side of Chocolate. Educate yourself and share with your friends.


We hear a lot about Fairtrade, and while Fairtrade is great, direct trade allows our farmer friends to profit more from the fruits of their labor.  Having Fairtrade on the label comes with a cost at the grower's expense.


You know what else is important to us--giving you REAL chocolate.  That's right, no need for any fillers, additives, or artificial flavors.  Roasted nibs, cocoa butter, and organic, natural cane sugar are the heart and soul of every scrumptious bite. 


While many of us have had a love of chocolate since childhood, there is so much more to discover. Chocolate runs much deeper than a  bar full of sugar, milk powder & vanillin, designed to taste exactly the same.  Did you realize that chocolate, much like wine and coffee, can have its own particular tasting notes?    Everything from the soil to the sky can have a direct impact on a chocolate’s unique characteristics.  We call this terroir.


And chocolate has a fascinating history rooted in Central America and the courts of Europe. If you’ve never explored the history, we certainly recommend it.  Here’s a brief overview.


At Woodberry Chocolate Co., we not only strive to offer quality bean to bar artisan chocolates & confections for our friends in Eastern NC, but we want to bridge the gap between consumers and the source of their chocolate, we hope to educate folks on how to be ethical with each chocolate purchase, and of course, to provide an experience with a deeper appreciation of the beauty & splendor that is chocolate.


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